The Shoe Edit … Zara

This is what happens when I get a bee in my bonnet about a specific look – I go to a website, find what I’m after, keep looking and then end up on the shoe page! I can’t help it, I’m a sucker for a shoe, especially if it’s a high one! Today I was […]

Summer Swimwear Battles

In true English style the sun comes out and the clothes come off, we gotta get that tan! BUT do you worry about what swimwear is gonna suit you when you peel off those winter layers and think you need to get beach ready before stepping into the sun? I’ve pulled together a quick guide […]

Rock(ing) The Jumpsuit

  We all have those favourite go to pieces in our wardrobe – the one that is comfy, the one that you wear when you don’t know what else to wear, the one that doesn’t need ironing, etc. For me it’s the jumpsuit – now I’m not sure if this is because in the 90s […]

Christmas Party Outfit Ideas

I don’t have a Christmas party to go to this year (aahhhhhhhhh). I’m not bitter about it, it’s OK that my other half gets to swan off for 2 weeks to Singapore for ‘work’, whilst I get us ready for the festivities with a toddler in tow. (Work, verb: sitting in meetings all day drinking […]

Pink to Make the Girls Wink

Have you heard the phrase ‘Pink to make the boys wink’? My mum used to say it all the time when I was younger and I remember saying it once at my previous work and they thought I was going bonkers! Well ladies, this is all about ‘Pink to make the girls wink’. There appears […]