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As a personal stylist my aim is to inspire women to ‘wear who they want to be through style’. Now this isn’t about throwing all the latest trends your way, but actually working with you to nail down your ideal look and seeing it through until your happy that you have a style you can work with in the future. One that fits your lifestyle and your pocket, but most importantly, a style that makes you feel confident, comfortable and 100% you.

I adore clothes, I absolutely use them to make myself feel good and i’m not afraid to try new things.  I’m into slow fashion and long lasting key items that will take you through the years. I realised people were starting to take note of what I was wearing and commenting on how great they thought I looked. It then became bigger than that, until people were asking me to take them shopping and give them advice on their outfits.

Leaving the corporate world behind, I qualified as a personal stylist and now use my knowledge and experience to help make you feel confident and empowered through the influence of clothes.

So why would you hire me to get you back to your fabulous self rather than the next stylist on google? I haven’t come from a fashion background, I have never qualified with a degree, but I am real.

After doing extensive research into what women want when it comes to how you dress, how you portray yourself through style and the impact it can have on your confidence, I’ve put together a small collection of services that I believe absolutely focus on relieving the painful areas that you find when it comes to getting dressed or going shopping, helping you fall in love with your wardrobe again and putting you on the road to having a wardrobe that will work for you and your lifestyle.

For your FREE consultation, contact me at hello@alexandramoore.co.uk or on 07985277215